“How much will it cost?” is often the very first question for a person looking to build. Money can be a difficult topic in construction and one that tends to get kicked under the rug. We encourage our clients to address it head on.

It is important to engage a contractor early on to provide cost analysis and make sure you are designing to your budget. Often initial designs and budgets may not align. Moore Construction however is great at being able to bring the two in-line, delivering a dream product on budget.

If you were to hire a realtor to help you buy a home, the first question would be “what is your price range?” Construction is no different. We engage our clients in a very open and upfront conversation to better understand what their vision is and how feasible it will be to build. We do so by delivering accurate and realistic estimating services.

Whether you have a sketch on a scrap piece of paper, a picture on your phone or a full-blown set of plans, Moore Construction can quickly and accurately give you a cost to build. Even if we do not end up building your project we are more than happy to show what we can do and hopefully earn your trust and future business with our very honest and forthright approach.